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It only makes sense, in the initial Words and Verses album of Foundation, to include a creation verse from the beginning of the Bible. Genesis 1:2 is an interesting one, in that it touches a powerful picture: the void before creation. The verse paints a picture of darkness, waiting for God to move. But upon deeper study it gets even richer than that; the ancient texts describe the void not only as darkness, but as chaos. It could even be interpreted as a form of evil. And outside of that, waiting, there was God... hovering, assessing the situation, planning how to take that chaos and to turn it into something wonderful and good.Then, as the chapter proceeds, God says "let there be light," and the process of creation continues.

(Interestingly, this same illustration has been used by pastors/preachers to explain how God can also work in the lives of man, hovering, waiting outside of the chaos for an opportunity to move and create something great. Listen to one such example here.)

Musically, one could take a few directions with this verse and the conversion of this concept to music. A composer could literally write something formless, chaotic, and messy, and it would actually work quite well. I considered that approach, and while academically it would fit, there's a very real possibility that it wouldn't be an enjoyable piece to listen to. (And yes, this album is designed accomplish a purpose, but should also be pleasing to the ear.) So I went in another direction. The vibe intended here, rather, is to showcase that yes there may be darkness, but light is coming. Hovering, waiting, on the verge of action, is the Spirit of God, and very soon there will be a showcase of power so great that it will change everything.

The description of this environment as one of water is fitting. Water moves. Water can be peaceful, or it can be turbulent. Water can be the source of life, or it can be violent. The picture here of moving waters is poignant, creating an image of an endless ocean, dark, and dangerous. Then as the chapter continues, not only is there a call for light, but in verse six God creates land. A rock amidst the waves. Something firm, steady, and safe. (That said, this track specifically focuses on verse two. Listen, and hear... the potential.)

~ Christopher "Mazedude" Getman

The composition to coincide with this Bible verse is still in development; once a work-in-progress is ready, a sample will be made available on this page.
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Example album cover: Foundation

From the Album Foundation

The above verse is a selection from the first release of The Words and Verses Project, which is currently in development. It is entitled “Words and Verses: Foundation.” Not only is it the first collection of works in the project, but the goal is that over the course of twelve compositions, multiple core foundational verses will be explored, setting the stage for future albums and themes.

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The Original Twelve

This list is subject to change, but the tentative list of verses selected for Foundation is as follows:

Previews of the music will be made available on this website in the near future.

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