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Music. That's what this project is all about, making music based on Bible verses. We're aware that at the launch and announcement of this very website, there is a serious lack of actual music to listen to. The site talks repeatedly about 12 core foundational Bible verses that are being transformed into instrumental music for the Foundation album, but... where are the works in progress? Where are the samples?

Waveform, black isolated

They're coming. Various tracks are already in development, and from the time of this site launch through the Kickstarter campaign there is going to be a lot of composing, production, and hopefully even some recording going on. As this site gets updated with Bible music previews (and/or other notable content), we will alert the subscribers accordingly.

That, and, of course, we'll be letting all subscribers know when the project is heading to Kickstarter. We'll need all hands on deck to make the campaign a success, spread the word, share the links, and so on. So please, take ten seconds and subscribe using the form above, so that together we can all join to make this vision and project a true success.

Incidentally, for the sake of future albums, you are also invited to request a verse!

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