The Words and Verses Project is currently accepting pre-orders for the first album in the project, which we are calling Words and Verses: Foundation. This album is designed to be the first in what could be several albums, crafted on a variety of themes and topics, over time.


(Per Biblical principles, all pre-order funds will be tithed on. 10% of everything received will be given.)

Pre-Order Now

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If you would like to support the project but would prefer to contribute via a method other than PayPal (remember, you don't need an account, just a credit card), contact us and we'll work something out.

Pre-order participants will each receive the following:

Regular Project Updates

Naturally, we will subscribe you for project updates if you pre-order through the form below. You don't need to fill out that form as well; we'll keep you in the loop as site updates become available and the project comes together!

Digital Download Codes to All Versions of "Foundation"

You get what you pay for. Yes, your pre-order will help to fund the Kickstarter campaign for Foundation, but you will also get a copy of the album when it's done (regardless of whether you pledge to the actual Kickstarter campaign or not). As described elsewhere on this site it's also quite possible that the first release won't just be a single version of a single album, but that there is the potential for multiple versions of the compositions: chiptune, instrumental, vocal, remixes, piano renditions, meditation arrangements... we don't know yet, but there sure are a lot of possibilities! And if you pre-order, you'll get the download code for each one.

Above-and-Beyond Kickstarter Rewards

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In late 2020 this project is going to Kickstarter, where, God willing, it will meet and exceed the goals for funding and this vision can come to life. For now, pre-orders are designed to help fund and produce the Kickstarter campaign itself. It takes money to produce a quality video, funds will be necessary to fully record and produce the first few tracks, there is PR, advertising, and marketing to consider, and more.

However, your help won't only help the project get to Kickstarter; you will also receive a much-higher-than-the-$20-pledge-level reward per what is showcased in the campaign. So say you pre-order Foundation and help us out with $20. Now we don't yet know what the rewards are going to be in the pending campaign, but say for example a $50 tier includes a physical CD and shout-out on this very website with a link to your own site, then you'll automatically qualify for that pledge level. (Please note that the aforementioned example is JUST an example, but you get the idea.)

(Note: you may need to also pledge via Kickstarter to recieve the Kickstarter rewards; we are still working out those particulars.)

"American Pixels" Download Code

American Pixels, by Mazedude

The last time our project director Mazedude went through the trouble to create a website for an album that eventually went to Kickstarter (yes, there is a precedent for this whole approach), it was for his epic remix project known as American Pixels. The album was designed to honor American video game music composers through arrangements of their works. The composers themselves were involved from the beginning by suggesting their own personal favorite compositions, and in most cases Mazedude was able to honor those requests. Additionally, the album featured nine guest soloists amidst 14 very robust offerings of Mazedude's go-to genre of electronic fusion.

The project was funded successfully via Kickstarter, and even went on to receive a SAMMY Award (Syracuse Area Music) in Mazedude's home town, among other accolades. And while the album is now available across Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and beyond, we want to give you a Bandcamp download code as a way of saying thank you for helping in this new endeavor. That said, after your pre-order is placed and received, Mazedude himself will reach out to see if you already have the album or not, and if not, the code will soon follow! (We also figured this might be a good way to give you just a taste of the Mazedude style, in anticipation of what is being developed for Foundation.)

Alerts/Reminders of Live-Stream Composing

Live stream composing with Mazedude

It's an idea, and for our project director it will be a new one, but the hope is to periodically showcase some of the composing process, live and in real-time. Watch and listen as the compositions come together, complete with commentary from the composer along the way.

Whether via Facebook live, YouTube, Twitch, or some combination thereof, we would very much like to involve the listeners along the way. Pre-order and you'll be added to the list of followers to be notified when a composing session is scheduled!

A Pre-Order Precedent

To answer a question that you may be asking yourself... why are you taking pre-orders if this is also going to Kickstarter? Isn't a Kickstarter pledge a pre-order?

Indeed. That's why we took the time to describe above that this very approach worked for American Pixels, and we are confident that it can work again here. We will ensure that everyone gets what they pay for whether they pre-order here, whether they pledge via Kickstarter, or if they want to do a combination thereof.

So how does it work?

  1. Pre-order Words and Verses: Foundation
  2. Your pre-order helps fund the Kickstarter campaign
  3. When the Kickstarter campaign launches, if you commit to pledging the same amount, your original pre-order funds can be returned to you (optional)
  4. You can also choose not to pledge on Kickstarter and still get the download codes for Foundation when available
  5. Kickstarter pledges who have also pre-ordered will get bonus rewards

Hopefully this makes sense; if not, just ask us for additional clarification and we'll be happy to explain!

Thank You!

Your time is valuable. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to learn about the Words and Verses Project. Please, if you know anyone else that might be interested in learning about and/or supporting the concept, use the links below to share:

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