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9/9/22 | Oboe sheet music COMPLETED for "Mark 5:34"
7/8/22 | Composition COMPLETED for "Mark 5:34"
6/5/22 | Violin sheet music COMPLETED for "John 14:2"
5/1/22 | Composition COMPLETED for "Genesis 1:2"
2/12/22 | Composition COMPLETED for "John 14:2"
10/7/21 | 9 out of the 12 tracks are currently in development, a few of which are in the orchestration phase! WIP's coming soon, hopefully.
9/29/21 | Composition commences for "Revelation 19:11"
6/28/21 | Composition skeleton (raw chiptune draft) completed for "Joshua 1:8"
6/28/21 | Composition commences for "Deuteronomy 28:2"
5/28/21 | Composition commences for "Psalms 23:4"
11/26/21 | Composition commences for "Mark 5:34"
11/22/20 | KS Update: "A Campaign Winds Down, a Project is far from Finished"
10/27/20 | CNY Alive Article: "Kicking It Off"
10/26/20 | Kickstarter Campaign Launches
6/7/20 | SML Podcast Interview
6/2/20 | CNY Alive Article: "God and Music"
4/26/20 | Words and Verses Website Launch

Words and Verses | A Biblical Music Project

The Concept

The Words and Verses Project is based on a concept that is simple, yet profound: take a verse from the Bible, and craft a musical composition that represents it.

The notions presented in the scriptures are powerful. Love. Forgiveness. Faith. Redemption. Mercy. Abundance. (And many, many more.) These ideals are presented in the Bible through stories, parables, letters, dreams, and beyond. Over the course of 66 books, written by 35 authors, spanning two thousand years, the words and verses of the Holy Bible have impacted cultures across the globe, affected millions of lives, and changed the course of history.

Paintings, sculptures, poetry, even movies and rock songs have been produced with a focus on either the Bible or a Biblical story. However, one area in art and history is lacking, and that is: instrumental composition. Music that is not cinematic or meditative in nature, but rather, complex music that explores a deep, abstract concept as shown in a Bible verse. For example, take an ideal such as “love your enemies (Matthew 5:44).” Turned into music... what would that sound like?

That's what this project is about.

Holy Bible accent
Example album cover: Foundation

The Foundation

The first release of The Words and Verses Project is currently in development. It is entitled “Words and Verses: Foundation.” Not only is it the first collection of works in the project, but the goal is that over the course of twelve compositions, multiple core foundational verses will be explored, setting the stage for future albums and themes.

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The Twelve

This list is subject to change, but the tentative list of verses selected for Foundation is as follows:

Previews of the music will be made available on this website in the near future.

If you'd like, you may request a verse for a (potential) future album!

Composer Christopher 'Mazedude' Getman, Words and Verses director

The Project Director

Award-winning composer Christopher “Mazedude” Getman has created original music for film, video games, concerts, and more. His work spans 20+ years, utilizes countless genres, and has a tendency to fuse classical instruments with the electronic. He has appeared as a guest artist on 20+ albums, has directed multiple music projects, and has even successfully funded a solo album through Kickstarter.

Outside of making music, Christopher is a husband and father, a web developer for the hearing healthcare industry, a martial artist and movement enthusiast, a hobbyist chef, an active churchgoer, and a gamer.

Words and Verses is Christopher’s most ambitious project to date. It is his firm belief that if an idea sticks and doesn’t let go, then you must to pursue it, no matter how long it may take.

Extended Composer Bio

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Christopher says:

“When it comes to creating music, if I had to pick a cause, a reason, or a source of inspiration… it’s hard to think of anything higher than the Bible. Composing music that honors the material properly is a notion that is both wonderfully intimidating... and an exciting challenge.”

Calling Composers!

(and anyone else who wants to help bring this project to life)

This project is too great for one person alone. While Foundation is primarily being developed by Christopher “Mazedude” Getman, there is room for many, many more to join the movement and contribute to future releases. Things are wide open in terms of genre, instrumentation, mood, and style, and the hope is that if you’re reading this, that the concept might be speaking to you too. If that’s the case, please use the form below to express your interest, and we will be in touch when the time comes!

Sheet music flourish

Not a Composer, but Want to Help?

Additionally, if you’re not a composer, but would like to contribute in some other way, please let us know. Given the potential scope of this project, there may be an opportunity for you to lend your skills in any of the following:

  • Instrumental Performance
  • Singing
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Press and Outreach
  • Videography
  • ... and more!

If you fall into any of these (or other) categories, please, don’t be shy. This project is meant to honor the Word. If you have talents and you want to be a part of this, you'll be contributing to something great.

There are a few different ways you can support this project!

Subscribe for Updates

Regardless of your level of interest, whether this is something that you’d like to be a part of, or if you just want to be kept in the loop once updates are available (track previews, behind-the-scenes material, etc.), simply use the form below. We will keep you posted, and promise to keep your information private and confidential.

We also invite you to follow us on Facebook for regular updates via social media.

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Thank You!

Your time is valuable. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to learn about the Words and Verses Project. Please, if you know anyone else that might be interested in learning about and/or supporting the concept, use the links below to share:

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