The Holy Bible is rich in content. There are oft-quoted verses that are seen as iconic to many, frequently shared from the pulpit. And yet, countless verses exist that may speak powerfully to one individual, but not another. What strikes someone as a word in season, an identity verse, or an answer to a question, can vary greatly from person to person, and that's only a small part of what makes the Bible so amazing. Our premier Bible-music album Foundation is deliberately designed to showcase twelve foundational verses via a cross-section of Old and New Testaments, all the gospels, and a variety of authors. However, there is tremendous potential for future albums, complete with room for more composers to join the project moving forward.

That said, of the vast array of themes and potential, do you have a Bible verse you would like to hear transformed into music? Use the form below.

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We absolutely thank you for taking an interest in this project. We promise we will review your request above. However at this time the project scope will be largely dependent on the interest in the project, and the degree of pre-orders and donations that come in.

With enough support and funds we can look into the possibility of multiple albums on this theme. Without it, this may just be a single release. Do you want to help? Use the forms and links below to subscribe and to share this project with your friends, so that this vision can become a reality! Thank you!

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