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Deuteronomy 28 is awesome. Moses is declaring to the Israelites a list of blessings that they can expect if they walk with the Lord and follow his commandments. These blessing are often quoted, from parents to children, from preachers to their congregation, and beyond. If you're not familiar, take a few minutes to read them all, you'll see why.

(In an interesting note, keep reading after the blessings, and the chapter takes a dark turn. It proceeds to outline a list of curses that could also be expected if they were to turn from God, disobey him, worship others, and disregard the commandments. It's significant that there's a distinct IF statement as part of the promises.)

That said, musically, we want Foundation to end on a high note, a positive turn, an enjoyable resolution. Setting the final track as one that speaks both to both obedience, and the blessings that God has promised in response to that obedience, seemed like a nice way to go. It is deliberate and even a touch ironic that the single verse that was chosen here is purely a setup for the cascade of verses that follow, but that too seems fitting. It implies "there is more to come." And as the first album in the Words and Verses project comes to a close, should the Lord will it, there will be more music to come, and more albums in the future. This track will work as a standalone piece, but something about it may also resolve with a hint, just a hint, that it's not quite over yet...

~ Christopher "Mazedude" Getman

Track in Development

The composition to coincide with this Bible verse is still in development; once a work-in-progress is ready, a sample will be made available on this page.
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Example album cover: Foundation

From the Album Foundation

The above verse is a selection from the first release of The Words and Verses Project, which is currently in development. It is entitled “Words and Verses: Foundation.” Not only is it the first collection of works in the project, but the goal is that over the course of twelve compositions, multiple core foundational verses will be explored, setting the stage for future albums and themes.

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The Original Twelve

This list is subject to change, but the tentative list of verses selected for Foundation is as follows:

Previews of the music will be made available on this website in the near future.

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