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Composer Bio

The Words and Verses Project was concepted—and is being directed—by Christopher “Mazedude” Getman.

Christopher Getman, Words and Verses founder

Christopher has been involved in music for practically his entire life. Born into a musical family, he was learning how to read and write music from an early age. Throughout school, he was involved in a variety of ensembles including band, orchestra, jazz, dixieland, marching band, and more. He has performed several NYSSMA solos, served as band president, and at age 15 even had the honor of touring Europe while performing in a National honor band.

Also, at age 15, Christopher fell in love with not only playing music, but creating music. Gradually, his focus shifted away from performance. When the time came for college, Christopher attended SUNY Purchase and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition. His goal, at the time, was to compose music for movies.

Pursuing that goal, Christopher moved to Los Angeles. Within a year, he had achieved his goal and had composed some original music for a couple independent films. Sadly, it didn’t feel like the right career path, and over the next five years Christopher explored a variety of jobs within the industry, ultimately landing on steady work developing websites for entertainment. Before long, he was doing web design for a variety of industries, from fashion to restaurants, fitness to rock bands, and much more.

However, all this time, Mazedude never stopped making music. In a parallel path, he got involved in world of video game music, particularly in the realm of remixing and arranging. To date he has been a guest artist on over 20 albums (including a few notable franchise projects), and has released a few of his own as well, including the Kickstarter-funded and SAMMY award-winning “American Pixels” album.

American Pixels Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Earthworm Jim Anthology The 7th Guest: Infection Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man MazeQuest 2 OST

Heroes vs. Villains Metroid Arrange Chronotorious Psychokinetic Tangledeep ~Arrange The 7th Guest

Christopher and the Bible

When it comes to the Bible, Christopher has been reading it since he was a boy. Involved in study since age seven, the words and verses of the Holy Bible are a part of his character, and continue to be a source of wisdom, truth, and guidance. No matter where life took him, he took the Word with him. The idea to make music representative of Bible verses struck while he was still halfway through development on American Pixels, roughly around mid-2015. However, it wasn’t until late 2018, after finishing that project (and also getting an original full-length game soundtrack under his belt), that the time was right to commence work on Words and Verses.

Christopher says:

“When it comes to creating music, if I had to pick a cause, a reason, or a source of inspiration... it’s hard to think of anything higher than the Bible. Composing music that honors the material properly is a notion that is both wonderfully intimidating... and an exciting challenge.”

Music Samples

Christopher composes in a variety of genres and styles, from chiptunes to orchestral, and everything in between. Click the music sample or buttons below to hear a taste.

Favorite Verse(s)

"In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge."

~ Proverbs 14:26

Composer and athlete Christopher Getman

Confidence is very important to me. From my perspective, how confident you feel is often an indicator of how everything else in your life is going. (Assuming you have a good measure of self-awareness, of course.) If you're in tune with the Lord, and you're following him, things can line up. Success at work, a loving marriage, leadership capabilities, and more can stem from confidence. On the flip side, if you're dodging what you're supposed to be doing, if you're living in sin and you know it, if God has told you to do something and you've chosen to ignore him... it's hard to feel confident. You may have the capacity to act confident, but to walk in life knowing every decision can be backed up by God, well, that's something else.

Personally, I've lived on both sides of it. I've spent years just doing my own thing, still a believer but simply worshipping "in my own way," but more often than not indulging in sin on a regular basis. Living that way, deep down... well, you just know something is wrong. The way to make it right... is to live according to Proverbs 14:26. Fear the Lord. Obey, listen to him, and walk according to his guidance. Doing so will turn any situation around and grant a profound measure of peace. And with that peace, confidence. And should you ever slip (we are human, after all), well, you'll have a place of refuge.

I'm also a big fan of the simplicity of Romans 10:13, the epic and powerful visuals that come to mind when reading Isaiah 40:31 or John 14:2, and many others. Foundation is deliberately built to be a compilation of—as the name implies—foundational verses, pulling from both the Old and New Testament, touching on all four gospels, covering a variety of themes... but I can definitely envision future albums that focus more intently on a specific theme each, and for those I'd likely call on more of my favorites verses. Heck, there could easily be an entire Words and Verses collection on the theme of confidence itself, not to mention other ideas such as:

  • Victory
  • Peace
  • Power
  • Love
  • Eternity
  • Prosperity

... the list goes on. And there are more than enough Bible verses and the above topics and beyond to keep a composer busy for a very long time.

~ Christopher "Mazedude" Getman

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